I Spy With My Little Eye

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Preface:The Rat in the Cupboard
Foreword:Danger, Danger
Chapter 1:Witchcraft in Cairo
Chapter 2:The Significance of the Great Pyramid at Giza
Chapter 3:Time Gentlemen Please
Chapter 4:Precis Recap and Facts
Chapter 5:The Phoenix is Flying Again
Chapter 6:A Recap on the Plan
Chapter 7:The Lunatics Take Over
Chapter 8:Wake Up Please – You’ve Just Been Conned!
Chapter 9:Let’s Identify Them
Chapter 10:New Zealand Innocently Borrowed Some Money
Chapter 11:Proof of a Conspiracy
Chapter 12:Think Tanks Named
Chapter 13:Challenge to the Sceptics
Chapter 14:New Zealand
Chapter 15:Other Countries Affected
Chapter 16:Further Indignities Heaped on New Zealand
Chapter 17:To Whet the Appetite
Chapter 18:The Illuminati
Chapter 19:America’s Role in the New World Order
Chapter 20:The Illuminati and America the Horrible
Chapter 21:The Illuminati Chooses U.S. Presidents
Chapter 22:Let’s Be Fair
Chapter 23:They’ve Sold the Gold
Chapter 24:The Y2K Bug
Chapter 25:Twin Problems Looming
Chapter 26:What on Earth is Going On?
Chapter 27:Come Back Henry Kissinger
Chapter 28:Bringing Down the Old Order
Chapter 29:Prophetically Speaking – Where Are We?
Chapter 30:The Answer

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